We’re not just another gym. We’re not just another concept.

We’re a collective.
We’re a feeling. We’re a team.

We are BeFit.

Be a part of it.

Proven Programs Personalised

Three powerfully effective programs, each of which are further tailored to meet your specific needs.
BeStrong for increased muscle, strength and performance.
BeLean to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat.
Limit for people with specific functional limitations.

Unique Holistic Approach

Our 360º approach draws on our in-house physio team to optimise your body balance, nutritionists to optimise what you put in and mindset coaches to ensure mind and body are working together.

Backed By Science

Programming is built on metabolic conditioning protocols and proven progressive overload principles, combined with the latest behavioral science all in state of the art facilities.

Enhanced By Technology

Our member app, which is about to be released, gives you access to our online video library of key workouts and movements, let’s you book sessions, connects you with our community and tracks your personal benchmarks and progress.

Together we Train

While our trainers might be some of the best in the world, what really sets them apart is first and foremost they’re people people.
So it’s not surprising our members are 3 x more likely to stick with their training than the industry average.

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